I decided I needed to take my pants off. It improved my disposition greatly.

I’m just a regular woman, living in Michigan, 22 years old, 2 cats, there’s nothing extraordinary or fantastic about me, so I assume that my thoughts can’t be too exciting to anyone other than myself. But that’s quite all right, because this blog is first and foremost, for myself and nobody else. This will hold the chronicles of my boring life as I try to change myself for the better, I’m hoping to write every day, or every other day at least, but we’ll just have to see.

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Friday, December 23, 2005

Oh I'm such a pathetic sap sometimes...

So today, low on groceries, my mom took me to Kroger, for food, prilosec, cat litter, and another peek at the young man who makes sushi. We have dubbed him “Sushi Boy”. He’s asian, whether he’s Japanese or Chinese is anybodies guess; he’s my height, dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin (sort of a caramel color).

Needless to say, I’ve got a fantastic crush on him. Even if he doesn’t have perfect skin, even if he’s got a little scraggly goatee, I’m completely smitten.

You’d think after how many times I’ve attempted the “dating thing” I’d know by now that attraction is natures way of laughing at you…

We’ll just have to see, my mom says he looks interested, but, I don’t trust her judgment on everything…


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