I decided I needed to take my pants off. It improved my disposition greatly.

I’m just a regular woman, living in Michigan, 22 years old, 2 cats, there’s nothing extraordinary or fantastic about me, so I assume that my thoughts can’t be too exciting to anyone other than myself. But that’s quite all right, because this blog is first and foremost, for myself and nobody else. This will hold the chronicles of my boring life as I try to change myself for the better, I’m hoping to write every day, or every other day at least, but we’ll just have to see.

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Friday, February 17, 2006


I was up until nearly 5 am last night watching boypr0n and chatting with Ann and Trish. I have to admit that this was not my best judgment as of late. Though the boypr0n was fantastic (Ryota is the pinnacle of naked cuteness) and the conversation was good, I really should have gotten to sleep earlier. I rolled out of bed at 3pm, cleaned the litter box, took the trash out, and cleaned myself up. I still need to walk my mile, but I’m going to have a bit to eat and take my vitamins first. I haven’t been taking them twice a day like I’m supposed to. I keep missing the second dose.

Though it rained last night, it was still very cold when I went outside today to check my mail and toss out the garbage.

I’m not depressed…just…tried of the situation. I want money.


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