I decided I needed to take my pants off. It improved my disposition greatly.

I’m just a regular woman, living in Michigan, 22 years old, 2 cats, there’s nothing extraordinary or fantastic about me, so I assume that my thoughts can’t be too exciting to anyone other than myself. But that’s quite all right, because this blog is first and foremost, for myself and nobody else. This will hold the chronicles of my boring life as I try to change myself for the better, I’m hoping to write every day, or every other day at least, but we’ll just have to see.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Foam on Fungus. (title supplied by a spam e-mail I recieved)

Today was a long fucking day. Firstly my mom showed up early. She always does this, mainly because she wakes up at around 6am, and can’t sit around and wait until it’s time to do what we’re supposed to do.

So she showed up at 10:30am, I hadn’t been able to fall asleep until about 2am, because, even with my meds, sometimes it’s still hard for me to get to sleep. Mom, of course, is ridiculously manic and bouncy and no matter how hard I try I can’t get back to sleep for a half hour or so. So at 11:30 we take off, firstly we go to the candy store at the “Grand Mall” that we’ve been meaning to go to, it’s a cute place, if not a little expensive. I got some rock candy, some “Banana Splits” which are a type of taffy, some licorice wheels, some raspberry candies and of course good old Candy Cigarettes.

By the time we get into Waterford, it’s only quarter after 12, so we stop at “Mel’s Grill” for lunch. I got a Rueben, it was good, not as good as Arby’s Ruebens, but it sufficed. It came without Thousand Island dressing, so I had to put it on myself. I sort of chuckled and thought of House’s line “Rueben, dry, hold the pickles, no fries.”

At my dads house, after the Rueben, he wrote us a check for 300 dollars, and gave me 50 in cash for groceries. I hate asking my dad for money, I hate it more than I hate the smell of boiling pork (which makes me nauseous). When we entered his house, I nearly had a panic attack. But it’s done with. After that we went to cash the check, the damn bank charged me 8 dollars for that…

In Ortonville we stopped to pay the bills, and I went into Edith’s Pet Supplies looking for some “Krunch-A-Rounds” for the gerbils, they didn’t have any, but I had a great conversation with the man who was running the store. An old gentlemen who was watching the store along with a white great dane with two different colored eyes, who also happened to be deaf. The dog was a big sweetie though (emphasis on big!), unlike the little Corgi that wouldn’t let me pet him. We chatted about animals, then mom and I went to Meijer to get 50 dollars worth of groceries. I bought a lottery ticket, didn’t win though.

So, needless to say, I’m a bit worn out and not taking my walk today!


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