I decided I needed to take my pants off. It improved my disposition greatly.

I’m just a regular woman, living in Michigan, 22 years old, 2 cats, there’s nothing extraordinary or fantastic about me, so I assume that my thoughts can’t be too exciting to anyone other than myself. But that’s quite all right, because this blog is first and foremost, for myself and nobody else. This will hold the chronicles of my boring life as I try to change myself for the better, I’m hoping to write every day, or every other day at least, but we’ll just have to see.

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Dead and Gone

I’m a mess.
I’m an ugly, tangled, ragged ball of nerves and synapses.
I’m never going to be good enough for someone else until I can be good enough for myself. And I’m never going to be good enough for myself.

And the worst part about this is…

There are so many people out there more fucked up than me. There are so many people out there that have gone through worse, that have worse problems, that have had worse happen to them. I hate it.

I have a mother that loves me, friends that love me, and sometimes it just feels like the only thing that matters is the voice in my head and the way I see myself in the mirror.

I wish I’d just start my goddamned period already. Fuck.


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