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Friday, April 21, 2006

Silent Hill: The Movie, In Review.

It is going to be hard for the majority of people to like this film if they are not a fan of the games. However, if you are a fan of Silent Hill, and the mythology and horror that surround it, you will be pleased.

Now, if you do play the games, here are a few things that will thrill you. Nearly all the music in the movie is taken directly off of the Silent Hill game soundtracks. In the car on the way to Silent Hill, you hear a song that is played in the third game while the main character is in a car.

The structural similarities to the movie Silent Hill, and the game Silent Hill, will make any gamer squeal with delight. You ARE in the same Silent Hill of the game. Nearly all the shops on the main street are the same, the street names are the same, if you close your eyes for a moment, you can remember running through certain areas in the first game as Harry Mason (my biggest problem was the fact they felt they needed to replace the father with a mother as the main character. Unneeded change.). The main road, the school, the hospital, the hotel, all look like carbon copies of the locations in the game. Silent Hill fans will feel at home.

The plotline does not directly follow the first Silent Hill game, you see characters, monsters, and situations that either happen in later games, or don’t happen at all. But personally, it would be rather boring for me if it followed the game DIRECTLY, as I already know the ending. In the very beginning, when Rose first enters Silent Hill, she follows the exact path of Harry Mason in the first game. The wheel chair is there, the crucified corpse is there, the small child monsters are there. Later on in the game however, especially after the appearance of Pyramid Head (who did not originally appear until the sequel to Silent Hill), it runs off the beaten path. However, the core mythology, creepiness, and general VIBE of Silent Hill is always there.

The CGI really stands out in this movie, as Silent Hill seamlessly transforms from a misty deserted town to the very pits of hell. Pyramid Head is gruesome and terrible, the Nurse Monsters move with a horrific jerking, you can hear the popping and grinding of bones as they do. And as the “evil” Silent Hill dissolves back into the “good”, instead of just waking up in the right place, the walls slowly rebuild themselves from the ashes of the horror that dissolved in front of you only seconds before.  

In the end, video game movies are known for being horrible, and will always get horrible reviews from those who don’t appreciate them for what they are, an ADAPTATION of something else.

I think Silent Hill fans will really enjoy this movie, others might feel left out of all the inside secrets and parallels. But as an adaptation of a video game into a movie, this is one of the better ones,


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